Mosquito Dance: new single by Naud (ft. EDGAR MAUER) releases on January 29th

A new year coming up means... new music too! Mosquito Dance, Naud's latest single (feat EDGAR MAUER) will release on January 29th 2021. It will be available on all streaming platforms, bandcamp, YouTube and Soundcloud.  It's a colourful and energetic duet to make winter feel a little warmer!😀 Pre-save link for your nice little playlists is available here.  

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Stream n°7: 2 Dads + Christmas gifts giveaway

Hello party people, To wrap up nicely that stream series on my 1er EP (I lied last time, there was one song missing), I'll walk you through all the secret of my song "2 Dads". I'll also answer to your waves of questions. "One more thing! It's Christmas time and I wanted to spoil you. Please be sure to tune in to enter my giveaway with several gifts to win. Better deals than Black Friday's! Let's gand up on Tuesday, December 15th at 9PM (GMT +1) on the following platforms: Twitch Facebook YouTube Enjoy the groove until then! Naud.

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Livestream sesh #6: the majestic sadness of Déjà Vu

Hallo beautiful people! After 5 first streams on singing techniques + discovering each track of my first EP CAMES, let's wrap this series! I'll do a final episode tonight, on December 6th at 9PM, French time. I'll go through the dense opener of the EP, "Déjà Vu". There will be a lot to say, but no worries... I'll deliver in the usual digestible and funny format! The stream will air on  Twitch, facebook live and Youtube. Let's gang up here for the event. Keep thriving 'til then! Naud.

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50k streams for Naud on Spotify!

Hey guys. I'll keep it short today, I swear! Just wanted to shoot you out a huge "THANKS" for the support on my latest release CAMES. I indeed hit the 50k-streams mark on Spotify in less than 30 days. I feel blessed. I'll keep working like crazy then! We will stay in touch don't worry. Will there be new songs to come soon? 😉

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Twitch Sesh #5 : the nasty groove of Snap It

Hallo party people! Given the success of my first 4 streams, 2 analysis of my songs Sad Gurus & Chemin Noir, and a 3rd one on how to begin to sing, I thought I would keep doing these. My next stream on "Snap It" will air on November 27th at 9PM (French time) on Twitch. I'll give you a bit of a guided tour to show you how I crafted this groovy song! Let's gang up here for the event. Keep thriving 'til then! Naud.

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CAMES, chamber music tailored for radios.

Hey party people! Today, I'd like to talk about the behind-the-scenes of CAMES, my  first album. It was released on October 31, 2020. You can listen here or there if you don't have any streaming app. What's unique about this album, you might ask? Okay, there are thousands of albums coming out every year. But this album is an odd one because it was completely solo recorded and mixed in less than a month, all of that in my room. Only the  stem mastering was entrusted to a sound engineer from my network, the talented 3ee. However, my idea was [...]

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Naud is now on Twitch!

Quick news today! I am pleased to announce that every Saturday at 6pm (French time) I will be doing livestreams on Twitch. There will be live performances, vocal coaching, production tips, spontaneous jams, collaborations. It's going to be grrrrreat! As we are also a participative democracy at Naud, you will be able to tell me what content you are interested in, so that I can make custom live performances for you. Lives will be on my Twitch page, don't forget to subscribe! For content suggestions, contact me here. See you soon you beauties, NAUD.

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