Hello Internet, I’m Naud!

I have been a musician for more than fifteen years, and after a bit of genre exploration, I now mostly write colorful electro-pop songs. Born and raised in Southern France, I sing both in French and English. After starting my musical journey with singing, bass and guitar, I finally landed on the piano, which have become my main instrument since then.

I currently live in Toulouse France, where I produce tracks for myself and other artists as well. I also gig there and give singing and mixing lessons to my students.

First alone and then with the help of talented musicians, I had the chance to gig around France with my first project Holy Jukebox. It was active from 2015 to 2018 and allowed me to write, record, produce and distribute 3 EPs + 1 album. Holy Jukebox served as a basis to sculpt the sound of Naud, my current project. Holy Jukebox also gave me a solid stage experience (with dates at the Transbordeur in Lyon or at the Zénith in Limoges, among others).

As a curious singer-songwriter, I love discovering new universes and mixing them with my own. It is therefore quite common to find bits of hip hop, trap, jazz, rock, house or even classical music in my works.

As mentioned above, I have also been giving singing and audio mixing lessons for several years. Having studied business administration (nobody is perfect), I also regularly advise musicians in my network, in order to help them create and support their business on the long term.

I released my first album CAMES in August 2020. It is entirely self-produced and is available on all streaming platforms.

Basically, my goal is simple with this new project :

  • to share my music with as many folks as possible
  • share the gift of music with those who want to get started

Enjoy your stay on my site and I hope to see you shaking up soon !